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Channel Points

This is a complete rundown on the channel points and mini-games available on Samantha Says’ Twitch channel.


To turn the channel points and their redemptions into a fun RPG system, we’ve renamed the default channel points to Stamina. You can see how much Stamina you have at the bottom of the chat window.

Stamina is gained periodically by watching Samantha Says while she’s live. Additionally, at certain intervals, you’ll receive click-to-claim notifications at the bottom of the chat window. Clicking on these notifications will grant you some bonus Stamina.

Stamina is also earned through supporting the channel! There are large bonuses for following the channel, for watching consecutive streams, cheering with bits (once per 30 days), and gifting subscriptions (once per 30 days). Being a subscriber yourself will also grant you a multiplier on the amount of stamina you earn.

Earning Action Description Stamina Earned
Watching Receive Stamina every 5 minutes of live watch time. +10
Active watching Receive Stamina every 15 minutes by clicking the notification at the bottom of the chat window. +50
Participating in a Raid Receive Stamina for joining a raid at the end of a stream. +250
Follow Receive Stamina upon following the channel. This can only be done once. +300
Watch Streak 2 Receive Stamina for returning for 2 consecutive streams. +300
Watch Streak 3 Receive Stamina for returning for 3 consecutive streams. +350
Watch Streak 4 Receive Stamina for returning for 4 consecutive streams. +400
Watch Streak 5+ Receive Stamina for returning for 5 or more consecutive streams. +450
Cheering Receive Stamina for cheering with bits. Only available once per 30 days. +350
Gifting a subscription Receive Stamina for gifting a subscription. Only available once per 30 days, anonymous gifting will not earn Stamina. +500
Tier 1 Subscription Subscribing at tier 1 will grant you a multiplier on Stamina earned. 1.2x
Tier 2 Subscription Subscribing at tier 2 will grant you a multiplier on Stamina earned. 1.4x
Tier 3 Subscription Subscribing at tier 3 will grant you a multiplier on Stamina earned. 2x

Redeems & Mini-Games

You can spend your Stamina to perform actions! To begin, simply click the Stamina icon at the bottom left of the chat window. Once done, a window will appear showing you the actions that you can perform by spending Stamina. Doing so will help you gain XP to level up. You can check your level by typing “!level” in the chat.

These actions are split into 3 categories: dailies, RPG, and mini-games.

Daily redemptions can be redeemed only once a day per person, and grant you a solid amount of XP for their low Stamina cost. Dailies have a lot of variety to them, so make sure to perform all 3 each stream!

RPG redemptions cost 100 Stamina, and allow you to perform various actions for XP. For now, it’s just the reminder to stay hydrated, but new RPG redemptions will be added in the future. You may even be able to customise your character!

Mini-games are where you’ll spend most of your Stamina. Some are cheap and reward a little XP, some are expensive and reward greater XP, but all of them are balanced so that there is no single best mini-game. You are likely to gain the same amount of XP by doing 10 Archery Practices as a single Pickpocket, so experiment and find your favourite! That being said, the cheaper options are much safer, while getting lucky with the more expensive options will grant you the biggest rewards.

Action Description  Stamina Cost  XP Earned
[Daily] Well rested Wake up from a good night's sleep and receive a blessing from one of 187 deities. 10 Stamina 25 XP
[Daily] Have a meal Before setting out on your adventure, don't forget to have a full meal! This will choose between 634 foods and 361 drinks for a truly unique meal. 50 Stamina 50 XP
[Daily] Daily quest Perform one of 18 simple quests for the locals. 80 Stamina 100 XP
[RPG] Stay hydrated! Remember to drink your potions! Drink one of 85 potions and remind us all to stay hydrated. 100 Stamina 40 XP
[Strength] Slay a monster Adventure across Tamriel to slay one of 115 monsters for XP with a high chance of success! If you do fail, your weapon will break and you will need to repair it before you can earn more XP through this mini-game. 150 Stamina Success: 90 XP
Failure: 0 XP, +1 turn
[Willpower] Cast a rune This is a game of strategy. Attempt to cast a rune spell for XP. If someone else has already cast a rune, you will trigger it and fail to earn XP! Will you take a chance without knowing the outcome, or will you wait for somebody else to try so you can guarantee success? 200 Stamina Success: 200 XP
Failure: 0 XP
[Speed] Archery practice Fire a volley of 6 arrows at a target. Each successful hit grants you XP. Each arrow has a high chance to land, but landing all 6 can be challenging. 200 Stamina Success: 24 XP
per arrow landed
[Intelligence] Brew a potion Attempt to brew a Potion of Stamina, granting you XP and refunding the Stamina spent. You will succeed often, but perfecting the potion for a Stamina refund can be tricky. 500 Stamina Success: 225 XP
Critical Success: 225 XP, Stamina refund
Failure: 0 XP
[Endurance] Block an attack Spar with a trainer to practice your Blocking skills! A moderate chance to succeed and gain XP, but missing a block will knock you out and make you lose XP. 750 Stamina Success: 500 XP
Failure: -500 XP
[Luck] Go fishing Relax by the water and see what you can catch! There are 490 unique fish to catch, of varying rarities. There's even a small chance you'll fish up some treasure for massive XP, but also a small chance that you'll get nothing. 1000 Stamina Common: 450 XP
Uncommon: 500 XP Rare: 650 XP Epic: 1050 XP Failure: 0 XP
[Agility] Pickpocket someone Write another person's username to pick their pocket for one of 8+115+157+19 treasures. People that are a higher level than you will have higher quality loot! Stealing from the rich will yield more XP. 2000 Stamina Normal: 700 XP
Fine: 850 XP
Superior: 1100 XP
Epic: 1350 XP
[Personality] Barter If you find yourself with an excess of Stamina, you can barter a large amount for a fair amount of XP. Definitely the easiest way to spend mass amounts of Stamina, but with minimal profits, it's not intended to be something that you save up for. 5000 Stamina Approximately: 2500 XP

Levelling up from level 1 to level 2 requires 100 XP, and each level afterwards requires 25 XP more than the previous. For example, level 2 requires 100 total XP, level 3 requires total 225 XP, level 4 requires 375 total XP, etc. Remember to use the !level command to see how much XP you need to level up!


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