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High Rounds

Here’s the table with my highest rounds across the games. Only confirmed high rounds are listed, so unfortunately many of my early scores are lost to time.

I was very late to getting into modern (at the time) gaming as a kid. By the time I got my first console, which coincided with the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops, all of my friends had already been playing Call of Duty for a couple of years. It took me about a week of to discover that the maps had doors that could be opened, which finally helped me to reach round 10. My friends and I would spend our time after school playing Kino der Toten having a blast and messing around. When we reached round 30 for the first time, that was a huge milestone for us! I became hooked on zombies, to the point where my Xbox profile’s bio was just a list of my high scores.

Later on, when I began streaming to Twitch, I was a much better player, able to take on high rounds and speedruns. Admittedly, speedruns were rather neglected by the community at the time, but hey I’ll take a world record no matter what. Hopefully in the future I can find time to take on more high round attempts to properly flesh out this page!

High Rounds

Map Game Highest Round Date Notes
Nacht der Untoten World at War 256 6 September, 2015 This was the 10th highest in the world at the time!
Ascension Black Ops 100 2011
Die Rise Black Ops II 90 2013
Shadows of Evil Black Ops III 101 24 June, 2016
Nacht der Untoten Black Ops III 58 2017 Classic Gobblegums only
Die Maschine Black Ops Cold War 93 November, 2020 M79 only
Firebase Z Black Ops Cold War 101 February, 2021 Exfil, LC10 only
Mauer der Toten Black Ops Cold War 131 July, 2021

Sker Ritual

Map Game Highest Round Date Notes
Cursed Lands of Lavernock Sker Ritual 201 30 April, 2024 Normal difficulty, flawless.
It didn't feel as engaging as CoD high rounds, so I stopped. Hopefully a higher difficulty will be more fun!


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