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Starfield Mods


All mods are installed and managed through Vortex.

Remember to not just blindly copy somebody else’s mod list. Make sure each mod is one that you really want! Because of this, my installed dependencies are not listed.

I also have all of the Creations released by Bethesda Game Studios. These are: Ancient Mariner Module, Blackout Drumbeat Skin, Constellation Plushie Set, Observatory, Starborn Gravis Suit, and Trackers Alliance: The Vulture.

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Mod Category Description
Address Library for SFSE Plugins


Modders Resources Contains a database to make SFSE DLL plugins version independent easily.
Adjusted Teeth Colours


Visuals Tones down the chemically bleached look of clean teeth, slightly darkens dirty teeth, removes the bright edges of blackened teeth.
Auto Door Closer


Gameplay Automatically closes doors that actors have previously opened.
Baka Achievement Enabler


Miscellaneous Prevents achievements from being disabled with mods or when using the console. Also removes the warning when opening the console for the first time in a session.
BetterHUD - Location and XP


User Interface Less distracting, more immersive, and simply a better HUD.
British English

Samantha Says

User Interface Changes many American English words into British English.
Compact Crew Menu UI


User Interface Midifies the crew menu so more items can be seen at once. Increases viewable items by 50%.
Compact Mission UI


User Interface Modifies the mission menu for more items can be seen at once.
Corpse Collision

Samantha Says

Gameplay Enables collision between the player and dead bodies and robots.
Craftable Weapon Skins


Weapons Enables the ability to craft all weapon skins, including normally unobtainable ones, and fixes a number of issues with skins.
Creation Loot

Samantha Says

Gameplay Distributes the new BGS Creation items through the game's leveled lists.
Dicord Rich Presence


Miscellaneous Integrates Discord Rich Presence into Starfield.
Doctor Crew

Samantha Says

Gameplay Recruitable doctors will offer their services to you.
Dynamic Inventory Models


Gameplay Dynamically changes the inventory menu actor model to the target NPC when you trade with them.
Enemy Friendly Fire


Gameplay SFSE plugin that enables friendly fire for all NPCs.
Full Auto Burst Semi

Samantha Says

Weapons Rebalances the damage modifications of Receiver mods.
High-Vis Scope Crosshair Replacement


User Interface Scope reticles/crosshairs are now dual colours with red accents for higher visibility.
I use the HVCrosshair Replacement version.
Laser Sight Dot Enabled


Visuals Enables dot visuals for laser sights.
Longer Names v2


Miscellaneous Increases the maximum name length allowed for Outposts, Ships, and Items.
Med Pack Weight Fix

Samantha Says

Gameplay Fixes Med Packs having no weight. Med Packs weigh 0.1 as intended.
Mildly Massive

Samantha Says

Gameplay Adds a bit of weight to previously weightless items.
More Subtle Scanner Sounds


Audio Replaces over 45 "scanner" and menu sounds without the high pitch frequency - using as transparent methods as possible.
No Legendary Pickup Notification


User Interface Removes the additional rare/epic/legendary item card notification, which pops up when you pick up a rare/epic/legendary item.
Quick Lowered Weapons - First Person


Gameplay Puts your equipped weapon into "lowered" state when not in combat.
Roleplay Walk

Samantha Says

Gameplay Increases your walking speed.
Show Me Those Chunks


Items Gives packaged Chunks see-through packaging.
Show Power Name on HUD


User Interface Shows the equipped power name on the HUD above the health bar.
Smooth Interface


User Interface Increases the framerate of the UI to 60fps.

Samantha Says

Gameplay Increases the armour rating of Starborn Spacesuits. Starborn Guardian ships have triple the storage, triple the shielded storage, increased crew capacity to 8, and a native Dual-Frequency Scan Jammer for a 30% increase to scan evasion chance.
Starfield Community Patch

Starfield Modding Community

Gameplay Fixes bugs, errors, and inconsistencies in Starfield.
Starfield Script Extender


Miscellaneous A tool adding additional scripting capabilities and functionality to the game.
StarUI Inventory


User Interface StarUI Inventory improves all inventory screens for use on a PC. Compact display style. More details in sortable columns. Item category icons. Category as left sidebar. Many quality of life features!
StarUI Outpost


User Interface Improves the outpost interface for PC. Add a comfortable build menu with separate lists for category, building, and variation. Changes the key bindings to be like most other interfaces. Adds an inspect label and button hints at the cursor. And many other quality of life additions.
StarUI Ship Builder


User Interface StarUI Ship Builder improves the ship builder for usage on PC. Compact style, sort-able columns, filter panel, category list, variant list, vertical upgrade list, and many more quality of life additions.
StarUI Workbench


User Interface StarUI Workbench improves all workbenches with a more compact layout, more information, sortable columns, new data columns, custom layout, recolouring, dark mode, quality of life features, and more!
Vend Unto Floor


Gameplay Items from vending machines will drop from the chute, into the world.



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